Outplacement Services

Outplacement Services

We are hired by our clients, to provide a service that offers counselling and careers advice to employees facing redundancy executives.

  • Each Outplacement Programme is bespoke and tailored to deliver a specific outcome as briefed in advance by the Client.

  • Our consultants are sensitive to the Employee’s abilities & hopes.

  • Our approach is consistent and combines robust methodology with in-depth analysis.

  • Our focus on face-to-face consultation and assessment to provide feedback for the Employee.


Initial coaching session (1-2 hours) to determine overall goals of outplacement programme.

MBTI assessment and 1 hour feedback session.

Development and review of CV.

Practice interviews 2 (one general and one behavioural).

On-going coaching sessions (minimum 6) to follow up and advise on job hunting, networking, etc).

List of relevant head-hunters/contacts to assist job search.
Our advice and feedback will be impartial and independent.