Go Africa

Every organisation within Pharmaceutical, Consumer or Agrochemicals is currently developing a “Go Africa Strategy” from “wanting to generate $1bn by 2015 for the crop science companies” (Monstanto) to “improve healthcare in Africa” (Novartis) and “Working together for a healthier southern Africa” (Pfizer) to “ increasing growth opportunities across the continent by creating affordable products targeting 650-million poor consumers” (Unilever). Procter & Gamble’s CEO Bob McDonald described Africa as the company’s “next frontier.”

The question remains however is where will all the talent come from? Is our organisation ready and most importantly is Africa ready? We need all three to converge simultaneously if we are to succeed. The only thing we can be confident about is that it will happen.

We envisage there will be increased public/private partnerships as well as business-to-business, consumer and Government initiatives – how can we help smaller business set up, nationalise and then regionalise from the humble single shop owner to the small rural distributor.

I am frequently asked not only to find that someone who will run the business in Africa for the next 2 to 4 years, but who can make the change needed to prepare the organisation for significant growth over the following 5 to 10 years – usually this person is a high potential in their own right and has already been earmarked by their current organisation as a future Africa expert / leader.

Many HR professionals speak of talent mapping or MBA programs. However, most global organisations have their own internal grades or levels that are not aligned to finding these high potentials; those who may be on expatriate assignments in Europe or the United States or who are currently on a high potential track within their present organisation.

Storm Piper Executive Search has a proven track record of success in identifying, selecting and recruiting talent across the whole of Africa; including North Africa, South Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa.

We would like to speak with you about this expertise and about how we can help your Go Africa dream become a reality.