Career Coaching

As soon as you start your new position you should be thinking of your next role

Its not what you do – but who you know

Many people don’t like networking but why do “those” positions not always go to those most deserving

How do you position yourself… who are your new mentors and sponsors

Looking for a Job – is like a job itself

How to market yourself better – what is your digital footprint like?

Just started?  How to maximise your first 90 days?

Our programs are:

  • Bespoke and tailored to deliver a specific outcome

  • To make a better you

  • To help understand both your strengths a weakness

  • To position better in the interview process

  • To provide short to medium term career advice

  • Consistent and combines robust methodology with in-depth analysis

  • Face-to-face consultation and assessment to provide feedback for the Employee

Programs will consist of:

Initial coaching session
(1-2) hours to determine overall
goals of the programme

Dimension, Mental toughness,
MBTI assessment and 1 hour
feedback session

Development and review of CV.
Practice interviews 2
(one general and one behavioural)

On-going coaching sessions
(min 6) to follow up and offer advise on job hunting, networking, etc.)